STJFL Pee Wee Tackle Rules

All UIL rules and regulations will be followed except for the following:

  1. The maximum team roster size allowed will be 30 players per team.
  2. The game playing field must be at least an 80x40 yard field. It shall be mandatory that all STJFL game fields have an erected boundary with the intent of preventing fans and bystanders from accessing the playing field.
  3. The game ball for the pee-wee tackle division will be the Wilson K2 or it equivalent.
  4. The game shall consist of four 8-minute quarters with a 10-minute half time.
  5. A 25 second play clock will be enforced according to UIL rules.
  6. One coach will be allowed on the field on offense and defense to assist the players in the huddle. The coach may call plays or make adjustments until the offensive huddle is broken. Once the offensive huddle is broken; both coaches on the field must be inside the hash marks on their sideline. If the coach exits to the opposing team's sideline there will be 15yd penalty (un-sportsman like conduct) and could be ejected from the game.
  7. If the nose tackle lines up directly head up with the center, they must be one yard off of the football.
  8. Tie games will be decided by the STJFL rules for ties.
  9. UIL has a "Safety Rule", this rule is a judgment call when a player has a legal but unnecessary block behind the play. If there is a "safety rule" violation, the referee will allow the score and the team will be penalized 15 yards either on the extra point try or kick off.
  10. Scoring values for the pee-wee tackle division will be as follows:
    1. Field Goal - 3 points
    2. Touchdown - 6 points
    3. Safety - 2 points
    4. Extra Points Pee-Wee Tackle Division:
    • Passing - 2 points
    • Running - 1 point
    • Kicking - 2 points
  11. The referee will give a sideline warning to the head coach if anyone on the sideline does not have a volunteer badge. The head coach is responsible, 2nd sideline violation will result in a 15 yard penalty.
  12. In the event of an ejection of a coach or adult volunteer from a game, there will be an automatic suspension of the offender until the incident is reviewed by the STJFL board of directors. The home association will take possession of the offenders coach badge until the suspension is lifted
  13. All participants must play at least a minimum of 10 plays in each game. All plays during the game shall count towards the 10-play minimum. (i.e. kicks, returns, extra points, regulation plays and penalties unless it is a dead ball foul). At half time the MPR monitors will meet to discuss any needs. At the end of the 3rd or the start of the 4th quarter the MPR monitors will meet again to discuss any needs. Any participant that has not met their MPR requirements will need to be monitored to make sure that they meet the requirement by the end of the fourth quarter. If there is a discrepancy between coaches the game will be finished under protest if the accusing coach wishes. It will then be the responsibility of the accusing coach to provide evidence to an investigation as to support their allegations. The STJFL board will then will make a determination based on the evidence provided.
  14. Before each game the coaches must present each player's certification card to the opposing coach. If a child has no card, he will not be allowed to participate in that game. This card check should be done 15 minutes prior to kick off time. Any player late for check in time must wait until after half time for their card to be checked and cannot participate until the card has been checked. The coach may elect to take a time out to have the late players' card checked and enter him into the game. A late player entered into the game before half time is still required to meet their minimum play requirements by the end of the game. A late player entered after half time will only have to meet half of the MPR requirements. Any player standing on the sidelines for being late, injury or illness must not have on shoulder pads or helmet until they have been entered into the game.
  15. Mercy Rule - Score - If the score reaches a point difference of 28 points the team in the lead must remove the entire starting backfield (quarterback, and all starting running backs) until the margin becomes less than 28 points. Also, when the score is 28 or more, the team that is behind has an option to receive a kickoff or forego the kick and take the ball on their own 40 yard line. The STJFL board shall review a coach failing to adhere to this policy within (6) calendar days of the incident. If a coach is found in violation of the above rule, they will subject to disciplinary action determined by the STJFL board up to and including suspension, forfeiture or both.
  16. Mercy Rule - Punt - When the mercy rule is in effect and the losing team is on their side of the 50 yard line they may declare a punt. If the team under the mercy rule is on the opponent's side of the 50 yard line then the mercy punt shall not be allowed. When a punt is declared the team must punt. The opposing team may not rush or attempt to block the kick. If the ball is dropped the kicker may pick it up and kick it. There is no possibility to run the ball or attempt a fake after the punt is declared. The ball will not be returned and the opposing team will take over where the balls forward momentum carries it. If the opposing team rushes the kicker there will be a 10yard penalty and repeat 4th down. If the opposing team rushes and hits the kicker it will be considered a personal foul, 15 yards and automatic 1st down.
  17. You may not begin practice prior to the Monday the week of August 1st of the football season. Every participant must complete 8 hours of conditioning practice with no contact between players until the 8 hours has been met. The first 8 hours will consist of four 2 hour days. There shall be no more than 10 hours of practice per week prior to the first game of the season. The first game of the season will be played on the first Saturday after 28 days of practice. After the first game a team will only be allowed to practice 6 hours or less per week.
  18. The "LO" rule is actually a by-law that cannot be revised unless the by-law is revised. This by-law will be part of the rules followed by all STJFL 

Pee-wee Division

Line Only "LO" - If a player exceeds 95 lbs. they will be considered a Line Only "LO" player and be restricted to a down lineman position tackle to tackle on offense, between the tackles on defense, and line of scrimmage kick off receive only. The player cannot cover or play head up on the center one yard off of the ball but must play in either gap. The player may pull as a lead blocking lineman as long as they started on the line of scrimmage. The player may not advance the ball under any circumstances and the ball will be blown dead at the point of possession. The player's helmet and certification card must be marked accordingly.

Offense Line "OL" - If a player exceeds 125 lbs. they will be considered an Offensive Lineman "OL" player Only and SHALL be restricted to a down lineman position tackle to tackle on offense only. The player SHALL NOT play on defense or special teams and SHALL NOT pull as a lead blocking lineman. The player may not advance the ball under any circumstances and the ball will be blown dead at the point of possession. The player's helmet and certification card must be marked accordingly.