Posted Jul 20, 2019

 2019 Coaches Conduct.pdf


Coach's Code of Conduct print

1. Will not smoke on any school property or STJFL sanctioned Game or event in the presence
of team participants.
2. Will not criticize players/cheerleaders in front of spectators, but reserve constructive
criticism for later, in private, or in the presence of team members if others might benefit.
3. Will accept decisions of the game officials and judges on the field and in competitions as
being fair and called to the best of said official's ability.
4. Will not criticize an opposing team, its players, coaches, game officials, STJFL Board
Members, cheerleaders or fans by word of mouth, gestures, or on social media sites or forums.
5. Will emphasize that good athletes strive to be good students and that both are mentally and
physically alert.
6. Will strive to make every football or cheerleading activity serve as a training ground for life,
and a basis for good mental and physical health.
7. Will emphasize that winning is the result of good "teamwork".
8. Will not engage in excessive sideline coaching and shall not leave the bench area to
shout instructions from the sidelines.
9. Will not use abusive or profane language at any time.
10. Will not encourage their team to get a commanding lead and raise the score as high
as it can.
11. Will not receive any payment for services as coach.
12. Will not permit or encourage "sweating down" tactics in order for a player to make the team
13. Will not permit an ineligible player to participate in a game.
14. Will not deliberately incite unsportsmanlike conduct.
15. Will abstain from the possession and drinking of alcoholic beverages and the
possession, or use of any illegal substance on the game or practice fields.
16. Will remove from a game or practice; any participant when even slightly in doubt
about his/her health, whether or not as a result of injury, until competent medical
advice is available.
17. Will control their fans. Remember, as a team coach, you're responsible for your team, and
fan reaction will usually be in step with your reaction.
18. Will uphold all rules and regulations of the STJFL.
19. Will maintain an MPR record for every game played.
20. Will not leave practice or games until all team participants have been picked up.
21. STJFL Yellow card board members reserve the right to remove any person or
persons from an STJFL event if needed to prevent any confrontation in the presence of
the kids, or for the safety of all persons if deemed necessary.

Disciplinary Actions
Any coach in violation of the STJFL code of conduct set forth by the STJFL is subject to
disciplinary actions by the STJFL and/or their local association board of directors.
Executive board may impose but not be limited to the following actions:
Coaches & Volunteers
• Verbal warning from the board with preventative actions set forth
• Probation - Any violation during probation will escalate to suspension. A person on
probation can be involved in all team practices and games.
• Suspension - Will not be allowed to participate at practice or be on the sideline
during the game. Their badge will be taken until suspension is complete.
• Termination of coaching position - Will be banned from participating in any
volunteer capacity.

Game Ejections
In the event of an ejection of a coach or adult volunteer from a game, there will be an
Automatic 2 week suspension from Practice and 2 Games of the offender until the incident is
reviewed by the STJFL board of directors. The home association will take possession of the
offenders badge until the suspension is lifted.
In the event of a player ejection from the game, there will be an automatic 1 week
suspension from practice and 1 Game until incident is reviewed by the STJFL board of
directors. *A bye or cancellation does not count as a game suspension.

*Ejections that over lap seasons will comence the Monday of week 1 and serve the duration of the suspension


Appeal Process
Appeals may be granted when disciplinary actions are taken. The offender must submit
in writing to the STJFL board why the appeal should be considered. The letter should be
specific of facts and witnesses. The STJFL board and/or their local association board of
directors will review the letter and vote if they will schedule the appeal. The appeal could be
scheduled at a regular meeting or a special meeting could be called to hear the offender's case.

I have read the above Coaches Code of Conduct. I understand that I am to comply with
these rules and conduct myself in the manner set forth above. I fully understand the rules
that I have read and I acknowledge that if I am found in violation of these rules, my
Action/inaction will be reviewed by the STJFL Board of Directors and could result in
disciplinary actions as outlined above up to and including suspension and/or termination
of coaching privileges.
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