STJFL Code of Conduct

STJFL Parent's Code of Conduct

Parental Guidelines

1. Will not contact coaching staff directly regarding child participation.

2. Address all athletic concerns to a board member from your association.

3. Parents are not allowed on the practice field during practice. Association approves all coaches to

coach your child. Let the coaches do their job.

4. Parents are not allowed on the sidelines during games at anytime. The STJFL must certify all

volunteers that will be on the sidelines. If you want to be on the sidelines, become a volunteer and
submit an application for approval.

5. Do not coach your child while they are being coached. This can be confusing to the player and

disrupt the team. Refrain from scolding your child on our time. The coaches will address the
situation when appropriate.

6. Players that are injured and are under a doctor's care will not be allowed returned to practice or

game until the player has a doctor release. The release must be dated and turned into the head
coach or a board member from your association. NOTE: All players must have 10 hours of full
contact practice before they are eligible to play in game.

7. Do not strike, harm or abuse a player, cheerleader, coach, advisor or member of this association,

the STJFL, or the opposing team. Fighting or abusive language is NOT tolerated.

8. Show appropriate conduct at all Association events. STJFL has a strict conduct policy. Any violation

of the code of conduct could lead to probation, suspension, or lifetime ban from the league. STJFL
can escalate any punishment set by the association. If any parent or coach is ejected from a
game they could be fine up to $500 and may be suspended for remainder of the year or longer.

9. Be responsible for your child before and after scheduled practice times. Please be respectful of the

volunteers' time.

10. Contact the coach if your child will be absent from game or practice.

11. Do not alter uniforms in any way unless given permission by your coach or a board member from

your association.

12. Do not criticize the opposing team, its coaches or fans, by word of mouth or gesture.

13. Do not criticize coaches, players, or cheerleaders, reserve constructive criticism for a private


14. Parents should encourage their children to stay with their assigned team/cheer squad during STJFL

activities and games for their own safety. If they cannot stay with their team, you will be asked to
take your child and not participate for the remainder of the game or function.

15. If STJFL subsequently finds that the information submitted as acceptable documentation regarding school enrollment/attendance now shows that the previously submitted information/documentation was falsified, misrepresented or insufficient, then STJFL reserves the right to impose sanctions and/or penalties on all appropriate parties, including but not limited to players, coaches, league officials, and/or the league which could result in suspension and/or terminations with STJFL.

This form must be signed and on file before your child can participate and it must be signed by the parent(s) or guardian(s) who will be responsible for the child throughout the football season.

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